Artificial Intelligence

Drones may be a relatively new technology, but artificial intelligence (AI) is already taking the controls.

AI has become a force to be reckoned with in the drone industry as it facilitates autonomous flight. We provide an even more important solution of processing data collected in the field and turning it into actionable insights using AI.

Now, once a mission is set up in a flight app to capture all relevant areas, the operator can merely press a button and the drone will fly the mission. Processing the data collected, though, is more involved and requires stitching photos and manually picking out ground control points. Removing this step with AI will be ground breaking for those who use drones in their businesses to gain insights.

As more data becomes available, technology will rapidly improve, providing significant benefits for many industries.

  • Improved Efficiency - As machine learning improves, this wealth of data can be mined to produce insights into just about anything. e.g - equipment status, agricultural production and surveillance.
  • New Insights - Because drones powered by AI will automatically track inventory, they can also automate procurement, meaning supply chains will be able to respond to inventory changes in real time.
  • New Revenue Sources - Companies are investing heavily in designing machine learning systems that optimize manufacturing. The payoffs are huge and include a reduction in labour costs and an improvement in quality, along with faster production and fewer unplanned interruptions.

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