Image Processing

Our experienced team of drone pilots and image analysts study the geographical area to capture images of different resolutions to cater to the application of interest.

We have a team of expert photogrammetrists and state of the art software's to create high quality Orthomosaic imagery and 3D models.
Use these products to build GIS maps, estimate resource quantities, perform volumetric calculations

Our experienced image experts use the right tools and knowledge to enhance the image quality by sharpening the edges, adjusting contrasts, highlighting certain features based on the need of the analysis and applications.
Different classification algorithms are used to extract intelligence from the drone or satellite images.

We have the MicaSence RedEdge sensor mounted on the drone to capture data in the NIR and IR bands.
Use this data to generate different indices like NDVI, VARI, chlorophyll indices etc. to monitor crops health in agriculture fields, forest health for ecological and environmental management.

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